Sky Lea Ross

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (110675)

Invisible Disabilities 

Not every Disability is Visible

Some individuals live with disabilities that others wouldn't notice or know about unless it has been disclosed to them. 

Such disabilities may include: 

- Chronic Pain

- Chronic Illnesses

- Injuries 

- Birth Defects or Genetic Abnormalities 

- Cognitive Impairments

- Mental Health Conditions

When living with such afflictions, it may be hard to receive support and understanding from others when they can't see or understand your struggles. But just because they're not visible doesn't mean they don't exist. With the right help, you can learn to navigate the world with confidence as well as self-advocacy to ensure that you are receiving any accommodations you may need and the respect and compassion you deserve. 

If you can identify with having an invisible disability and need support, consider contacting Sky to get started. 

*Coming Soon!!! (in October)* 

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Wellness & Support Group

If you live with either of these invisible disabilities and/or afflictions and are in need of support, visit the    Group Therapy page for more information!