Sky Lea Ross

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (110675)

Modalities & Theories

Individual Sessions, Couple's Sessions, Family Sessions, and Group Sessions are all modalities that Sky offers therapy in, as per request.

Therapy for everyone and anyone, there is no one size fits all approach!

In reference to theories, Sky views treatment through an acronym she created, “EmPATH” or Progressive Actualization Through Healing. Taking a Rogerian, or Client-Centered philosophy, empathy, authenticity, and acceptance are vehicles through which we move toward achieving our goals in life and reaching our full potential.

Client-Centered Therapy is a non-directive approach, regarding the client as the expert of their own lives. It is the therapeutic alliance, or the strong, deep, trusting relationship that the client and therapist build together through which insight is gained, coping skills are learned, direction is found, and healing occurs.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based and commonly used theory throughout psychotherapy in which we recognize how our cognitions (thoughts) and emotions (feelings) can predict and inform our behaviors (actions). When we are able to develop healthier ways to think and feel, we in turn act in healthier ways.

Solution-Focused Therapy is another model that Sky is trained in and may use with a client seeking brevity as it can be done in a limited number of sessions. It encourages individuals to look at their past patterns that have been successful and helps them adapt these strengths in resolving current struggles.